The Services we offer at Ostomed

Ostomed Healthcare is one of the largest specialist medical suppliers in the UK, with a range of over 6,000 products covering stoma care, continence and accessory products.

We pride ourselves on supporting and supplying a wide range of customers, from prescribing GPs to dispensing pharmacies, from residential nursing homes to individual patients.

This comprehensive range of services allows the end user to access the products they need in whichever way is most convenient for them, from their first order after discharge from hospital, to their on-going appliance requirements.

Our flexible system also accommodates changes in prescription, such as those required to deal with stoma problems, providing revised prescriptions with the same speed and accuracy as a regular order.

With over 30years experience, we understand the needs of all parties involved, from the patients’ need for dependable stoma and continence supplies, to the GPs’ need to control prescribing budgets and avoid over ordering.