Wound Care Products

From post-op wounds to pressure ulcers, successful wound care can be a long and complex journey, with different products required at different stages of the healing process. Ostomed are here to support medical staff and patients every step of the way, with the very latest in wound management products from all the leading manufacturers.

  • Non-adhesive dressings – for wounds with fragile surrounding skin
  • Super adhesive dressings – for highly exuding wounds
  • Medicated dressings – with slow release ibuprofen for painful wounds
  • Infection control dressings – with slow release silver to prevent infection
  • Cavity packing dressings – with antimicrobial action for deep wounds
  • Desloughing dressings – which clean and debride wounds for better healing
  • Advanced dressings – advanced dressings for specific wound requirements

Wounds heal in two main ways:

  • Regeneration - During regeneration, tissue that has been damaged is replaced by tissue of the same type. This preserves the proper function of the area of the body that has been injured.
  • Scar formation - In scar formation, the damaged tissue is replaced by fibrous scar tissue which doesn’t have the same properties as the original tissue.

Proper wound care prevents infection and other complications, and also helps speed up the healing process with less scarring.

  • Preventing Infection
    By keeping continual attention on the wound dressings and bandages the risk for infection and other complications is greatly decreased. A health professional can make medically-important decisions through changing the dressings, noting the wound’s progress, as well as by making observations of bleeding, temperature, discharge and smell. In general, wounds should be cleaned once a day with disinfectant specific to wound care, clean water or saline, as well as applying clean dressings.
  • Speeds Healing
    A potentially dangerous myth is that wounds heal faster if left uncovered, which simply isn’t true. Covering the wound throughout the healing process actually hastens the healing process. Moreover, properly maintained bandaging provides additional protection against infection.
  • Minimizes Scarring
    Keeping the wound soft through the healing process helps to minimize scars while not allowing hard scabs to form. Antibiotic ointments – and other treatment options recommended by your physician – applied during the early stages of healing will keep the skin around the wound soft and pliable.

Ostomed aims to make managing your wound dressing as simple and straightforward as possible.  We stock a wide range of dressings for all your needs from everyday wound dressing and management to specific advanced dressings for individual wound type requirements.  All our products are sourced from leading manufacturers that are constantly developing new reliable innovative products to aid and promote good, pro active care through all stages of the healing process.

You’ll also find everything you need to protect the skin surrounding a wound, from effective adhesive remover to a range of barrier wipes, sprays and creams to protect skin integrity and avoid maceration from leakages.

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