Ostomed Medical and Healthcare Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Ensure sufficient means are provided to prevent waste by identifying products that can be reused, recycled or recovered to minimise unnecessary packaging, pollution, and prevent waste to landfill so far as practical.    

Measure and monitor actual waste to landfill and implement waste streams to divert away from Landfill.

Monitor energy and water use, and implement measures to reduce consumption.

Risk assess environmental impact of any new processes or services we may Introduce.

Eco Policy

Ostomed Environment Policy

Reduce distance travelled by our vehicles through effective route planning and   optimising vehicle fill and usage.

Minimise fuel consumption by monitoring  driver behaviour, and driver training.

Operate Modern, economic vehicles, and ensure regular, effective, servicing.

Consider environmental issues and energy  performance in the acquisition, design and refurbishment of buildings.

Monitor noise and light pollution from our premises, and reduce any impacts from our operations on the environment and local  Community.