The Services we offer at Ostomed

With ever more pressure on GP’s time and budgets, it is more important than ever that they are professionally supported by organisations that understand their needs.

Ostomed supports Britain’s GPs by taking care of their stoma and continence patients’ appliance needs efficiently and effectively, minimising the input required by the practice.

As one of the UK’s leading appliance suppliers, Ostomed are more than happy to supply sample products for GPs and specialist nurses to try with their patients, to help overcome stoma care and continence problems.

All patients can apply for a medical exemption certificate, which allows them to receive their prescriptions free of charge, and all patients over the age of 60 are automatically exempt from prescription charges. However, if you are not covered by either exemption, and there is a charge for any item on your order, we will always let you know in advance.

Here at Ostomed we operate the FP10 Agency Appliance Scheme. As one of the Largest Independent Specialist Surgical Appliance Contractors in the UK. Our extensive product range covers over 6000 lines from the world’s leading healthcare suppliers.

The advantages of the FP10 Agency Scheme are as follows:

  1. Increased profitability as the Pharmaceutical Contractor will receive an income without incurring any expenditure.
  2. No Clawback on the additional dispensing fee.
  3. Cash flow/outlay (as goods are delivered Free of Charge).
  4. Dressings can be ordered in single quantities so there is no over stock.
  5. Easy to manage through our self-billing invoice system.
  6. There is no need to stock expensive and sometimes bulky, slow moving lines.
  7. Time saving as the surgical appliances are supplied without the need for invoicing or payment by the Pharmaceutical Contractor.

How the FP10 Agency Scheme process works:

  1. The Patient presents their appliance prescription to their Pharmacist.
  2. The Pharmacist tells the Patient that their appliance will be dispensed by Ostomed.
  3. The Pharmacist places the order directly with Ostomed on 01253 881290.
  4. The dispensed appliance will arrive at the pharmacy the next working day Free of Charge.
  5. The Pharmacist then issues the goods to the patient on behalf of Ostomed.
  6. The Pharmacist sends the prescription to Ostomed or completes the electronic prescription form.
  7. In return for helping speed up the process by acting as an agent, the Pharmacist receives a monthly commission payment – the dispensers’ appliance on cost value.

EPS2 Agency Ordering Procedure:

  • Fax the EPS2 token to Customer Services on 01253 881291.
  • Return the token to the spine.
  • Customer Services will download the token.
  • The order will be processed and dispatched in the normal manner.
  • Upon receipt of the delivery please dispense to the patient.
  • Finally there is no requirement to send the prescription with electronic orders.